Employment-Related Immigration

Employment-based immigration, where employers petition the court on behalf of workers or where individuals with extraordinary skills petition the court themselves, can be procedurally complicated and technically cumbersome. Only those individuals who can successfully demonstrate that they are qualified based on their skills, work experience, and education will be successful in their attempts to obtain employment-related visas.

The Immigration Law Center provides professional advice and representation for employment-related immigration matters, helping each petitioner put his or her best foot forward in the application process.

Different Options for Employment Visas

When someone wants to enter the United States on an employment-related visa, there are many non-immigrant and immigrant options to choose from, including:

  • H1B: Specialty occupations
  • L1: Intracompany transferee
  • E1: Treaty-country trader
  • E2: Treaty-country investor
  • EB1-A: Extraordinary ability
  • EB1-B: Outstanding professors and researchers
  • EB1-C: Multinational managers and executives
  • EB2-A: Advanced degrees
  • EB2-B: Specialized professions
  • EB3-A: Skilled, professional workers or academics
  • EB4: Special immigrants, religious workers
  • NIW: National interest waivers

As you can see, there are many options with similar names! Your immigration attorney will play a valuable role in helping you choose the employment-related visa option that best meets your needs and circumstances.

Skilled Assistance and Advice for a Complex Process

Choosing the right option isn’t always easy or intuitive. Generally, employment-based visas are sponsored by employers who want to secure employment in the U.S. for their workers. In certain cases, individuals with extraordinary abilities in education, business, science, the arts, or athletics may qualify to petition directly under the EB1-A category.

At the Immigration Law Center, we will help you evaluate which employment-based visa is appropriate for you or your employee. We’ll also help you prepare all necessary forms and supplemental documents to petition for an employment-based visa.

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