Tuesday March 19th, 2019

How Immigrant Workers Are Struggling to Get H-1B Visas Under Trump

Many U.S. companies, including those in the technology sector, depend on highly skilled immigrant workers. In turn, many of those workers depend on H-1B visas, designed […]
Friday March 1st, 2019

Does Your Family Live Outside the U.S.? Here’s What You Need to Know to Get Them Here.

Being physically located in the U.S. while your immediate family is still in another country can be extremely difficult, both for you and for your loved […]
Wednesday February 27th, 2019

What is Employment-Based Immigration?

People come to the U.S. for many different reasons. In some cases, it’s possible to obtain an employment-based immigration visa, although the total number of employment-based […]
Monday February 11th, 2019

Majority of Adults in U.S. Support High-Skilled Immigration

Immigration has increasingly become a hot-button issue on the national stage, with the current administration taking a hard line stance against it. Based on news coverage, […]